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Oral B 1000

Oral B 1000

The Oral B 1000 Professional Care toothbrush has a built in timer to ensure that the minimum of two minutes brushing time is achieved during each cleaning, as recommended by Dentists.  The compact model also features a built in pressure sensor to warn the user of too much pressure which can damage tooth enamel by wearing it down and tear and damage gum’s.

A space saving designed unit to take up minimal space in the bathroom it has a simplistic appeal with basic functionality.  Affordable and priced accordingly to offer quality dental health care at an entry level investment.

Oral B 1000 Features

  • Two minute timer to train proper brushing duration
  • Alert for “too much pressure” helps prevent tooth and gum damage
  • Compact space saving slim model
  • Ergonomically designed to “cup” the tooth with soft bristles and provide excellent cleaning
  • Helps to prevent (and even reverse) symptoms of gingivitis and gum disease

Oral B 1000 Review

Pro: This cute little model is all you really need.  I love it.  It’s perfect for me.

Con: I don’t see anything really extraordinary about this product.  It’s your typical rechargeable toothbrush.

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