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Oral B 2000

Oral B 2000

The Oral B 2000 is from the Professional Care series of Oral B rechargeable toothbrushes.  This dual action toothbrush comes equipped with two interchangeable heads for daily clean and sensitive mode cleaning.

A built in pressure sensor educates on appropriate brushing pressure to prevent damage to teeth and gum’s, while long bristles reach down in hard-to-reach areas of between the teeth and at the back of the jaw for a thorough professional cleaning.

Oral B 2000 Features

  • Built in pressure sensor warns if too much pressure is being applied to teeth and may damage gum’s
  • Two interchangeable brush heads for daily clean (moderate cleaning) and sensitive mode (light cleaning) for individuals with gingivitis or sensitive gum’s
  • Dual action design both oscillates (8,800 rotations per minute) and pulsates (40,000 per minute) to loosen plaque and debris for a professional clean
  • Bristles reach down between teeth and other hard-to-reach areas for a superior professional cleaning at home

Oral B 2000 Review

Pro: A great product.  I had no idea I was pressing too hard and sometimes my gum’s would bleed after brushing.  The Oral B 2000 gives me a warning when that is the case and I’ve learned to brush in a far healthier way.  My gum’s do not bleed any more, which is great.

Con: I find the built in timer annoying.  I brush for more than two minutes confidently.  I don’t need that extra noise going off.

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