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Oral B 7000

Oral B 7000

The Oral B 7000 is the only product on the market which combines a round  brush head with 3D pulsing action for a deeper more effective cleaning of gum’s and teeth.   The deep massaging of the Oral B 7000 has even been shown to reverse the symptoms of gum disease and increase gum health dramatically after a period of regular use.

The 3D Excel Brushing action provides brushing in two directions simultaneously with 40,000 in-and-out movements per minute to loosen plaque for easy removal.  The head of this innovative toothbrush also moves side-to-side at a rate of 660 movements per second oscillating 8,800 times per minute for a superior clean.   There is no more powerful brush on the market today.

Oral B 7000 Features

  • Pulsing 3D brush movement and simultaneous dual oscillating movement to loosen tough plaque for a deep clean
  • Massaging brush has been clinically proven to prevent and even reverse symptoms of gum disease with regular use
  • Narrow space conscious rechargeable base
  • Ergonomically designed to clean in hard to reach places

Oral B 7000 Review

Pro: This brush feels so amazing on my gum’s.  I love the way my teeth feel after I have used it and it does a great job cleaning my tongue as well.

Con: I would like it if the model 7000 came with a few other brush head options for specific jobs.

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