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Oral B 7400

Oral B 7400

The Oral B 7400 rechargeable toothbrush is designed to provide professional dental cleaning at home.  Engineered with3D excel brushing action it offers more than 40,000 pulsations per minute and 8,800 oscillating movements of the brush head for a deep thorough cleaning.  The brush is ergonomically designed for comfort as well as angled to clean in hard-to-reach areas.

Oral B is the rechargeable tooth brush most recommended by Dentists world wide for being effective at removing plaque from teeth and massaging gum’s for optimal oral health care.

Oral B 7400 Features

  • 3D excel brushing action (dual movement pulsating and oscillating)
  • Built in pressure sensor warning to prevent gum damage by pressing too hard
  • Oral B indicator bristles  fade to indicate time for replacement of brush head
  • Built in timer monitors overall cleaning time
  • Lasts up to 12 days on one full charge
  • Two year limited warranty (extended warranty available)
  • Compact space saver charging station

Oral B 7400 Review

Pro: It holds the charge so long that I can pack it in my suitcase for travel without having to bring the base to recharge it for short holidays.  It’s great!

Con: I prefer the Oral B brushes that have the indicator light to advise me when it’s time to change the brush head.  Checking the bristles isn’t the most accurate way to ascertain when it’s time for a change in my opinion.

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