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Oral B 8000

The Oral B 8000 is a comprehensive collection of interactive tools engineered for achieving professional dental cleaning results at home.  The FlexiSoft brush head encompasses each tooth for a whole surface cleaning removing twice as much plaque as a manual tooth brush.  Dual action 3D Excel technology provides more than 40,000 pulsations per minute and 8,800 oscillations to loosen and remove debris from oral surfaces.

Oral B 8000

The Oral B 8000 comes equipped with several attachment options including toothpick, flossing and a specialized tongue refresher for removing bacteria from the tongue and roof of the mouth.  Oral B is the rechargeable toothbrush most recommended by Dentists world wide.

Oral B 8000 Features

  • FlexiSoft brush head surrounds each tooth for a comprehensive cleaning
  • Removes twice as much plaque as a manual tooth brush
  • Proven to naturally whiten teeth in twenty one days
  • Two minute built in timer to ensure adequate cleaning time
  • Specialized tongue freshener attachment to remove bacteria
  • Dual action 3D Excel technology pulsates and oscillates for superior performance
  • Includes flossing, tooth pick and other accessories for detailed cleaning

Oral B 8000 Review

Pro: My teeth feel like I’ve been to the dentist.  They are that clean every day!

Con: The buttons on this model are a little hard to use.  I wish they were a bit bigger for people like me with larger fingers.

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