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Oral B 8850

Oral B 8850

The Oral B 8850 offers great flexibility for an individual who experiences occasional soreness of the gum’s or sensitive teeth.  The brush is designed with three modes of operation including an average setting for daily cleaning and a deeper more polishing action for whitening.  It has a specific setting for sensitive teeth to prevent bleeding or gum irritation.

For whitening teeth the Oral B 8850 promises to yield noticeable results in as little as twenty-one (21) days of regular use removing coffee, wine and tobacco stains and leaving a bright white smile instead.

Oral B 8850 Features

  • Cupping action design provides whole tooth cleaning
  • Three modes of operation, including Daily Cleaning, Whitening and Sensitive
  • Power Handle with ergonomic grip
  • Includes one FlexiSoft, PowerPolisher, Dual Action and Tongue Freshener Brush head
  • Includes the Interdental Cleaner with 10 flavored tooth picks

Oral B 8850 Review

Pro: I have sensitive teeth.  It was a relief to see someone incorporate a feature into a rechargeable toothbrush where the sensitivity of the brush could be customized.

Con: It doesn’t seem to have the bells and whistles that most of the higher end Oral B toothbrushes offer.

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