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Oral B 8900

Oral B 8900

The Oral B 8900 comes equipped with a handy travel case and it features the popular Oral B dual brush action design which has 40,000 up and down pulsations of the brush head with 8,800 turning oscillations simultaneously for a deep clean.  The Oral B rechargeable toothbrush removes twice the plaque and bacteria of a regular manual toothbrush and is the number one toothbrush recommended by Dentists worldwide.

The Oral B 8900 offers three convenient modes of operation for custom cleaning.  A daily clean with a moderate level of abrasion for daily use.  A sensitive setting ideal for individuals with weak or sensitive gum’s, or with gingivitis.  Oral B rechargeable brushes have been clinically proven to prevent and even reverse the effects of gingivitis.

Oral B 8900 Features

  • Includes travel case
  • 8,800 oscillations and more than 40,000 pulsations (dual action) per minute
  • Indicator for low or full battery charge
  • Easy one push button to switch modes of cleaning
  • Three modes of operation: Daily Clean, Sensitive and Polish for superior whitening
  • Limited two year warranty

Oral B 8900 Review

Pro: A very versatile rechargeable toothbrush.  I have been using mine for over two years now and it’s great.  I can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner because the kind of clean I am getting with the oral b toothbrush is nothing compared to what I was able to do with my old school manual brush.  I haven’t had a single cavity since I bought my oral b and my Dentist can’t believe how healthy my gum’s are now.

Con: I find you have to double click the button to change modes of cleaning.  It gets a bit confusing trying to figure out what mode the toothbrush is in.

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