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Oral B 9500

Oral B 9500

The Oral B 9500 features a compact round space saving recharging base with a modern design.  One click button changes from one to three different brushing mode options.  Use the Daily Clean setting for a moderate clean.  The massage setting is ideal for stimulating the gum’s and removing bacteria from the tongue, roof of mouth and teeth, while the Sensitive setting is designed for individuals with sensitive gum’s or those suffering from conditions such as gingivitis.

Oral B is the rechargeable toothbrush most recommended by Dentists around the world.  Clinical studies have proven that use of a rechargeable Oral B brush removes twice the plaque as a regular manual brush and can prevent and sometimes even reverse the condition of gum disease (gingivitis).

Oral B 9500 Features

  • Dual voltage rechargeable toothbrush ideal for travel
  • Engineered with three different brushing modes: Daily Clean, Massage and Sensitive
  • SmartGuide technology features a built in two minute timer to ensure minimal cleaning time
  • Stimulates gum’s with massage technology for stronger healthier gum’s
  • Limited warranty

Oral B 9500 Review

Pro: I just love the look of the model 9500.  It’s sleek and cool and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in a small bathroom like mine.

Con: The base is kind of small for me.  I find I knock it over easily and like something a little heavier or larger on my counter top.

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