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Oral B 9900

Oral B 9900

The Oral B 9900 with Smart Guide is the ultimate in total oral health care management.  The floss action brush head with the patented MicroPulse bristles reach deep between gums and teeth to remove plaque and bacteria and combat tooth decay, while stimulating the gum line for stronger gums.

The Smart Guide technology offers an digital display of your oral cleaning providing feedback that helps to ensure you are getting the best possible results at home.   The Smart Guide times your brushing and reports on your overall dental cleaning and even evaluates if you are “pressing too hard” on your tooth brush.  A red warning light indicates that too much pressure is being applied which can damage sensitive teeth and gum’s and helps you work on a professional technique that will maintain long term oral health.

The Oral B 9900 is a great gift for youth as it instructs them on methods of maintaining their teeth and gum’s as well as motivating daily oral care.  The built in timer is an excellent training tool to ensure children are brushing for the recommended minimum of two minutes twice per day.

Oral B 9900 Features

  • Superior cleaning with the MicroPulse bristles which reach down to the gum line and in between teeth
  • Ergonomically designed to clean hard to reach areas
  • Wireless digital display times cleaning and provides feedback on healthy habits
  • Red light warning for “too much pressure” prevents gum damage by improper methods
  • Contributes to the development of positive oral health care habits

Oral B 9900 Review

Pro: I had no idea why my gum’s were so sore until I realized I was pressing way too hard on the tooth brush.  The digital display was very helpful for me.

Con: I don’t have a need for the fancy digital timer and stuff.  I know that I brush my teeth well without all the extra toys and gadgets.

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