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Oral B Floss Action

Oral B Floss Action

The Oral B Floss Action features MicroPulse long bristles which embrace each individual tooth for a down to the gum line cleaning almost equivalent to flossing.  Dual action oscillating and pulsating brush movement loosens and removes plaque effectively.

Dentists worldwide recommend Oral B products for superior at home dental care and cleaning.

Oral B Floss Action Features

  • MicroPulse bristles get down between teeth for a deep clean straight to the gum line and almost equivalent to flossing for removing plaque
  • Cleans twice as well as a manual toothbrush
  • Dual action oscillating and pulsating brush movement with more than 8,800 oscillations and 40,000 pulsations per minute for powerful cleaning
  • Brush shape embraces the entire surface of the tooth and in between hard-to-reach places
  • Limited warranty

Oral B Floss Action Review

Pro: This brush feels incredible.  The long bristles are also great at cleaning bacteria off the tongue which my Dentist has told me is the number one source of bad breath.  A very good product!

Con: I think it’s misleading to tell people that this brush is almost as good as flossing.  If it not as good as flossing then you still need to have a brush with a flossing attachment.  Seems redundant if you ask me.

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