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Oral B Hummingbird Flosser Refills

Oral B Hummingbird Flosser Refills

The Oral B Hummingbird Flosser Refills are sold for the leading dental floss tool the Oral B Hummingbird Flosser.  This convenient tool takes the guesswork out of flossing and its design allows for the correct depth to reach plaque and debris below the gum line.

The unique Hummingbird Flosser encourages more frequent flossing and better overall oral health.  Dentists recommend flossing at least once daily to prevent tooth decay and for strong dental gums.  The  refills come in convenient packages of fifteen and are economically priced to allow for  hygienic changing of the floss on a daily basis.

Oral B Hummingbird Flosser Refills Features

  • Not recommended for children under five years of age
  • Ergonomically designed to clean in hard to reach places
  • Clinically proven to dramatically increase the health of gums
  • Combats tooth decay when used on a daily basis

Oral B Hummingbird Flosser Refills Review

Pro:  I love my Oral B Hummingbird Flosser.  I take it everywhere with me and it is so compact I even take it when I travel.  I used to hate flossing with regular string floss because I could never hold it the right way and sometimes the floss would slip and I’d cut my gums.  I never have that problem with the Hummingbird Flosser and I can find the refills in stores just about everywhere.

Con:  I don’t like that I have to keep buying refills.  It would be great if they designed one that could be used for say a week at a time and then discarded.  It would save a bit of money that way.

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