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Oral B Kids

Oral B Kids

The Oral B Kids series is known as the Stage 2 toothbrush which is specifically engineered for the developing gum’s and teeth of young children.  The brush heads are gentle enough to provide an effective cleaning without damaging sensitive gum’s and teeth.

Oral B Kids Stage 2 toothbrushes feature fun designs that are meant to encourage frequent dental cleaning and promote healthy oral hygiene habits in children.   Pixar cartoon, Disney characters as well as Winnie the Pooh favourites are featured to make brushing fun.

Oral B Kids Features

  • Stage 2 brushes feature gentle for young teeth and gums
  • Cartoon designs inspire frequent cleaning for children
  • Custom small size for small hands

Oral B Kids Review

Pro: Our kids love their Oral B toothbrush.  It’s hard to get them into a daily cleaning routine but if they like their toothbrush it makes it a bit easier to accomplish.

Con: They are a cute design but my son was afraid of putting something moving inside his mouth.  I hope one day he gets over the fear but for now we have to stick to a manual brush.

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