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Oral B Smartseries 5000

Oral B Smartseries 5000

The Oral B Smartseries 5000 is the most technologically advanced toothbrush in the Oral B family of products specifically engineered for plaque removal and to train professional dental cleaning techniques.  The Smartseries 5000 comes with the SmartGuide which is a wireless display that reports feedback on your dental cleaning.

The SmartGuide provides a timer to ensure that you are cleaning your teeth for the minimal recommended two minute duration twice per day.  It also has a red warning light to indicate when too much pressure is being applied to the teeth and gums which may lead to gum damage or infection, or premature recessing of the gum’s.

Oral B Smartseries 5000 Features

  • A deep cleaning mode to remove up to 99.7% of plaque according to clinical studies
  • Wireless SmartGuide system trains professional cleaning habits and techniques
  • Pulsating brush head provides a gentle stimulating massage to the gum’s
  • Five custom modes of operation: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, Massage, Deep Clean
  • The number one recommended dental tool by Dentists.

Oral B Smartseries 5000 Review

Pro: I used to have bleeding gum’s and my dentist recommended that I start massaging my gum’s to strengthen them every day.  I use the massage setting on the Smartseries and my gum’s are so much healthier now, after just two months.

Con: I find multiple settings confusing.  How do you know which one you should be using every day?  Should I be using the deep clean every day?  I like a brush with a single setting and fewer choices.

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