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Oral B Triumph 9500

Oral B Triumph 9500

The Oral B Triumph 9500 features SmartGuide technology which assists in tracking cleaning time with a built in timer, as well as alerts to indicate brushing pressure and even reminds you when to change the brush head.  Dual action pulsating and oscillating brush action effectively loosens plaque and removes it to slightly below the gum line and between teeth and other hard-to-reach places.

Oral B is the rechargeable toothbrush most recommended by Dentists world wide and is available in a variety of models for travel and home use.

Oral B Triumph 9500 Features

  • Includes SmartGuide technology digital display
  • Pressure alert to prevent gum damage from extensive brush pressure
  • Built in reminder to change brush head
  • Dual action pulsating and oscillating action to loosen and remove plaque and massage gum’s for superior oral hygiene
  • Battery charge for twelve (12) days of use on a full charge

Oral B Triumph 9500 Review

Pro: I’ve had this toothbrush for two years now and it works great.  No complaints and worth the investment!

Con: I find the Oral B toothbrushes expensive compared to disposable battery operated models available in most drug stores.

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