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Oral B Triumph 9950

Oral B Triumph 9950

The Oral B Triumph 9950 features the SmartGuide system to train professional cleaning techniques that can be achieved at home for optimal dental health care.  The SmartGuide features a monitoring system that actually tracks where you are cleaning and advises if a specific area of the mouth has not been sufficiently cleaned.

A red alert light notifies the user if too much pressure (which can damage gum’s) is being applied and also provides a notification when it is time to replace the brush head.  Four independent tips offer a variety of specialty tasks for superior cleaning and oral hygiene.

Oral B Triumph 9950 Features

  • Offers SmartGuide system to provide digital feedback of your brushing technique and duration
  • Timer can be paused to resume cleaning after an interruption
  • Brushing guide monitors each quadrant of your mouth to ensure equal time is spent cleaning individual areas
  • Equipped with four interchangeable heads/tips  for varying jobs including FlossAction, ProWhite, Tongue Freshener, and PowerTip
  • Alerts you automatically when the brush head requires replacing

Oral B Triumph 9950 Review

Pro: I love the ProWhite tip!  My teeth have never been whiter!  It’s a great product.

Con: I find the PowerTip a little too strong for my gums.  I have sensitive teeth so I don’t use that attachment.

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