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Oral B Vitality Sonic

Oral B Vitality Sonic

The Oral B Vitality Sonic is a basic economical version of the Oral B rechargeable toothbrush series.  The Vitality Sonic features sonic technology which provides superior deep cleaning with extra long bristles which pulsate more than 20,000 times per minute.

The slim base is designed to save space in smaller bathrooms while the handle and brush head are ergonomically designed for easy use and thorough cleaning.

Oral B Vitality Sonic Features

  • Environmentally friendly rechargeable format
  • Criss-Cross bristles pulsate more than 20,000 times per minute
  • Angled bristles clean and stimulate gum’s to loosen plaque and increase circulation at the gum line
  • Provides noticeably whiter teeth in 21 days

Oral B Vitality Sonic Review

Pro: A good clean design and easy to use toothbrush.  I like it.  I don’t really need a lot of fancy digital displays and would prefer a rechargeable toothbrush without all the extras since they tend to be heavier when they have those additional features.  This one suits me just fine and does a great job.

Con: I find I knock it over easily on its small base.

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