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Oral B Vitality

Oral B Vitality

The Oral B Vitality is an entry level product in the Oral B series of rechargeable tooth cleaning systems economically priced for under $20.  An easy to use design is ideal for use by adolescents and does not feature the digital read outs or other technology found in more expensive Oral B rechargeable models as is to be expected at the economical price point.

Oral B dental tools are the number one tooth cleaning products recommended by Dentists worldwide.

Oral B Vitality Features

  • Affordable new product line for under $20
  • Features slimline space saving rechargeable base
  • Compact shape and design
  • Removes twice the plaque as a regular manual toothbrush
  • No warranty provided

Oral B Vitality Review

Pro: The Oral B Vitality is the brush I have purchased for my teenagers.  Until they become more responsible with a more expensive model this gives me the satisfaction of knowing they are getting a quality cleaning without a huge investment.  It is also affordable and ideal for travel.

Con:It may be well within everyone’s price range but in my person opinion it looks a lot cheaper in design than the other Oral B rechargeable models.  You can tell it’s inexpensive simply by looking at it.

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