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Oral B Triumph 4000

Oral B Triumph 4000

The Oral B Triumph 4000 features built in SmartGuide technology which indicates when excessive pressure is being applied and warns to prevent harmful abrasion to the tooth enamel or damage to the gum’s.  3D dual pulsating and oscillating technology provides more than 8,800 oscillations and 40,000 pulsations per minute to dramatically loosen plaque and deep clean.

Waterproof design makes cleaning and disinfecting of the base and brush head a snap.  Travel case and two pin adapter is included.

Oral B Triumph 4000 Features

  • Equipped with two interchangeable heads/tips  for varying jobs including FlossAction and ProWhite
  • Waterproof design makes the handle and unit washable
  • Four custom modes of operation: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish and Deep Clean

Oral B Triumph 4000 Review

Pro: I’ve had the Oral B Triumph 4000 for about a year now and it still holds it’s charge very well.  I can’t believe how amazing my mouth feels and what a difference this toothbrush has made for my gum’s and teeth.  They have never been more white in my life!

Con: The square shape of the base is kind of uncomfortable when I used it.  I felt like I was holding something that should be more round and fit comfortably in my palm.  When this one breaks I’ll look for another model with a round barrel.