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Braun Oral B Toothbrush Heads

Braun Oral B Toothbrush Heads

The Braun Oral B Toothbrush Heads are available for every Oral B rechargeable toothbrush, making Oral B the last toothbrush you may ever need to purchase.  Interchangeable brush heads are available with soft bristles for sensitive teeth and gum’s and harder bristles for regular cleaning and polishing functions.

When using an Oral B rechargeable toothbrush with the SmartGuide technology, the digital display will indicate when it is time for you to change the brush head, taking the guess work out of replacement and ensuring that your teeth and gum’s are receiving the best possible cleaning.  Other Oral B rechargeable toothbrush models offer an indicator light on the unit to provide the same convenient notification and reminder.

Oral B replacement toothbrush heads conveniently come with a color band to assign a different head to each family member.

Braun Oral B Toothbrush Heads Features

  • Easy to remove and replace brush heads
  • For use with the SmartGuide technology which indicates brush head replacement
  • For optimal brush performance replace as indicated

Braun Oral B Toothbrush Heads Review

Pro: I find that different members of our family go through their replacement heads faster than other members.  It may depend on how hard they press or how many times per day that they are brushing their teeth.  In any event the thoughtful addition of the color coding enables us to keep organized as a family using an Oral B dental health cleaning system in the main bathroom.

Con: I wish the toothbrush heads themselves were completely colored instead of just the single narrow band.  Sometimes they get a bit built up with toothpaste and stuff and it gets hard to see the colors, especially for kids who are more likely to just grab the first one.  A bigger color band or a completely colored brush head might be a nice idea.

Oral B 4000

Oral B 4000

The Oral B 4000 is a model from the SmartSeries collection and features Oral B’s most advanced cleaning for optimal removal of tooth stains and plaque build up.

The Deep Clean mode removes up to 99.7% of plaque from hard-to-reach areas.  Massaging mode is effective for enhancing gum health by providing increased blood circulation to gum’s.  The sensitive mode is ideal for individuals with sensitive teeth or suffering from issues such as gingivitis, while the daily cleaning is a moderate setting for every day use.

Oral B 4000 Features

  • Slimline space saving rechargeable base
  • Waterproof handle for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomically designed for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas
  • Four custom brushing modes: Deep Clean, Massaging, Sensitive, and Daily
  • Equipped with FlossAction and ProWhite brush heads
  • Limited warranty

Oral B 4000 Review

Pro: A great product from Braun Oral B, this toothbrush has the option of using one of four cleaning modes which is handy.  I share the toothbrush with my wife and she uses the sensitive brush setting while I use the daily cleaning.  It is easy to wash the handle in soap and water and keep it clean as it is waterproof.  A great product.

Con: I find the brush head on this model to be small and the bristles are not as large as other models.  I like the longer bristles as I find they do a better job cleaning in between the spaces of my teeth.

Oral B Pulsar

Oral B Pulsar

The Oral B Pulsar is designed for an individual who does not want a rechargeable toothbrush but still wants some of the benefits of electronic pulsing or oscillating brushes and superior plaque removal.

The Oral B Pulsar is a battery operated hybrid that offers long bristles which embrace the tooth and provide a deep cleaning down to the gum line.  Long bristles also provide a pleasing massage action which contributes to blood circulation and health gum’s.  Bristle design of the Oral B Pulsar helps to evenly distribute pressure of the bristles over the gum and tooth to prevent damage from excessive abrasion.

Oral B Pulsar Features

  • Long bristles distribute the pressure of brushing evenly to prevent gum damage and excessive wear on tooth enamel
  • Compact and portable design has no base battery operation
  • Offers the benefit of electronic pulsing and oscillating for plaque removal

Oral B Pulsar Review

Pro: A compact and handy little toothbrush.  This is the one I take on vacation with me since it doesn’t cost too much to replace if I misplace it unlike my full sized Oral B cleaning system. Economical too.

Con: It has a neat design but it’s pretty much like all the other battery operated toothbrushes from what I can tell.  I’ve never tried one though.

Oral B Cross Action

Oral B Cross Action

The Oral B Cross Action is an economical alternative in a portable battery operated model.  The popular cross action bristles offer deep cleaning between teeth and for removal of bacteria from the tongue.  Use of an electric tooth brush has been proven in clinical studies to remove more than twice the plaque and debris of a manual toothbrush.

Oral B products are the dental care tools most often recommended by Dentists around the world for maintaining oral health.

Oral B Cross Action Features

  • Rotating power head and criss-cross bristles for deep cleaning down to the gum line and hard-to-reach places
  • Provides up to 55% better cleaning along the gum line in clinical studies
  • Stimulates gum circulation with cross action bristles
  • Angled brush reaches difficult areas for thorough cleaning
  • Portable battery operated design

Oral B Cross Action Review

Pro: I used this one for travel since it doesn’t require a rechargeable base.  It is convenient and easy to pack and take pretty much everywhere I go.

Con: I don’t like having to use batteries.  It is very environmentally unfriendly and I like the rechargeable models far more.  They are less expensive to operate in the long run.  This model also does not offer changeable brush heads so when it stops working or the bristles wear down you have to buy a whole new model.

Oral B 3000

Oral B 3000

The Oral B 3000 is a rechargeable model in the line of Oral B electronic dental cleaning systems.  The model 3000 features 3D cleaning which embraces the whole of the tooth right down to the gum line for a complete professional quality cleaning.  Dual action oscillation and pulsation blast through plaque and remove it increasing oral health and preventing gum disease and gingivitis.

Oral B 3000 Features

  • Three modes of operation including Daily Clean, Sensitive and Polish for superior whitening of teeth and noticeable whitening in 21 days
  • 3D Cleaning removes twice as much plaque as a normal manual toothbrush
  • Dual action pulsating and oscillation engineering with 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations per minute for a superior professional clean
  • Built in timer alerts when the mandatory two minutes of brushing time have expired to ensure adequate cleaning time per Dentist recommendations
  • Pressure alert advises when too much pressure is being applied to the tooth enamel or gum’s which can cause damage and premature tooth decay
  • Complete with three interchangeable brush heads for varied functions

Oral B 3000 Review

Pro: I never believed that a toothbrush could make such a big difference.  You always hear the commercials and thing “yeah sure” but I have had the Oral B 3000 for about two months now and the difference is huge.  I run my tongue over my teeth and swear that I have just had a professional cleaning at the dentist.  I know this is going to make a big difference in the long term health of my teeth and gum’s.  I wholly recommend this product if you are serious about taking care of your teeth.

Con: The side cartridge for storing the extra brush heads takes up more space than the actual recharging base.  It seems a bit too big and they should redesign it so it takes up less space.  We don’t all have huge bathroom counters.

Oral B Triumph 4000

Oral B Triumph 4000

The Oral B Triumph 4000 features built in SmartGuide technology which indicates when excessive pressure is being applied and warns to prevent harmful abrasion to the tooth enamel or damage to the gum’s.  3D dual pulsating and oscillating technology provides more than 8,800 oscillations and 40,000 pulsations per minute to dramatically loosen plaque and deep clean.

Waterproof design makes cleaning and disinfecting of the base and brush head a snap.  Travel case and two pin adapter is included.

Oral B Triumph 4000 Features

  • Equipped with two interchangeable heads/tips  for varying jobs including FlossAction and ProWhite
  • Waterproof design makes the handle and unit washable
  • Four custom modes of operation: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish and Deep Clean

Oral B Triumph 4000 Review

Pro: I’ve had the Oral B Triumph 4000 for about a year now and it still holds it’s charge very well.  I can’t believe how amazing my mouth feels and what a difference this toothbrush has made for my gum’s and teeth.  They have never been more white in my life!

Con: The square shape of the base is kind of uncomfortable when I used it.  I felt like I was holding something that should be more round and fit comfortably in my palm.  When this one breaks I’ll look for another model with a round barrel.

Oral B 5000

Oral B 5000

The Oral B 5000 is the most advanced and popular toothbrush in the Oral B product series specifically engineered for plaque removal and to train professional dental cleaning techniques.  The Oral B 5000 comes with the SmartGuide which is a wireless display that reports feedback on your dental cleaning including an automatic timer for the duration of cleaning to ensure the minimum of two minutes is achieved for optimal oral health care.

Oral B 5000 Features

  • A deep cleaning mode to remove up to 99.7% of plaque according to clinical studies compared to regular manual toothbrushes
  • Wireless SmartGuide system trains professional cleaning habits and techniques by providing alerts and timers to ensure proper dental care
  • Pulsating brush head provides a gentle stimulating massage to the gum’s to assist in the prevention (and even reversal) of gingivitis and gum disease
  • Five custom modes of operation: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, Massage, Deep Clean

Oral B 5000 Review

Pro: I love having the five different bristle options to choose from.  I am careful with my teeth and I have a regimen that includes twice per week whitening treatments where I use the whitening brush and get fantastic results.  I tend to use the deep clean brush about twice per week and stick with the daily clean for my twice daily use.  I love it.

Con: This tooth brush almost makes you feel obliged to use the five different heads it provides, otherwise they just sit there in the storage case.  Typically most people would be happy with one multipurpose brush.  I know I am.  I don’t use the extras.

Oral B Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Electric Toothbrush

The Oral B Electric Toothbrush and the complete series of rechargeable or power toothbrushes provide exemplary performance to loosen and eliminate plaque and bacteria from the teeth, gum’s tongue and other oral services for optimal oral health care at home.  Electric toothbrushes provide more than twice the ability to remove plaque than a simple manual toothbrush and are easier to use with less manual effort, making them ideal for individuals with disabilities.

With a variety of models and styles available there is one perfect model to suit everyone.  Whether a slim basic base with standard brushing features or utilizing the SmartGuide technology to enhance brushing skill and provide helpful alerts aimed at quality dental care, the Oral B Electric Toothbrush line is a superior product.  Oral B is also the one dental care line most frequently recommended by Dentists world wide.

Oral B Electric Toothbrush Features

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Battery operated models
  • Engineered brush head for multiple cleaning applications including tooth whitening, massage of gum’s, deep cleaning and specialty heads for sensitive teeth.
  • Some designs feature SmartGuide sensor technology including built in brushing timers to ensure minimum two minutes of recommended cleaning
  • Limited warranty

Oral B Electric Toothbrush Review

Pro: I’ll never switch to any other toothbrush than an Oral B.  I’ve had years of great experiences with Oral B products and I have the healthy teeth to prove that their products work.  I’m a happy repeat customer and my entire family uses Oral B.

Con: The Oral B Electric Toothbrushes pretty much offer all the same features as most battery operated toothbrushes in the local drug store, but at a premium price because they are Dentist recommended?

Oral B Kids

Oral B Kids

The Oral B Kids series is known as the Stage 2 toothbrush which is specifically engineered for the developing gum’s and teeth of young children.  The brush heads are gentle enough to provide an effective cleaning without damaging sensitive gum’s and teeth.

Oral B Kids Stage 2 toothbrushes feature fun designs that are meant to encourage frequent dental cleaning and promote healthy oral hygiene habits in children.   Pixar cartoon, Disney characters as well as Winnie the Pooh favourites are featured to make brushing fun.

Oral B Kids Features

  • Stage 2 brushes feature gentle for young teeth and gums
  • Cartoon designs inspire frequent cleaning for children
  • Custom small size for small hands

Oral B Kids Review

Pro: Our kids love their Oral B toothbrush.  It’s hard to get them into a daily cleaning routine but if they like their toothbrush it makes it a bit easier to accomplish.

Con: They are a cute design but my son was afraid of putting something moving inside his mouth.  I hope one day he gets over the fear but for now we have to stick to a manual brush.

Oral B Vitality Replacement Heads

Oral B Vitality Replacement Heads

The Oral B Vitality Replacement Heads are the refills for the Oral B Vitality series of economical rechargeable family toothbrushes. The vitality series features the ProBright brush head option for brightening and whitening teeth while it’s ergonomic design is engineered to clean hard-to-reach places.   The FlexiSoft brush head is ideal for daily cleaning, loosening plaque gently and removing it from the gum line.

Oral B rechargeable toothbrushes are the dental tools most recommended for home use by Dentists world wide.

Oral B Vitality Replacement Heads Features

  • Conveniently packaged in four replacements heads
  • Oscillating technology helps to loosen tough plaque and remove tooth stains
  • Removes more than twice the plaque of a regular manual tooth brush
  • Limited warranty and money back guarantee

Oral B Vitality Replacement Heads Review

Pro: A great affordable rechargeable toothbrush and refills.

Con: The Vitality Series is very affordable and good for purchasing for the whole family, children etc.  But it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles that higher end models have which I prefer.