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Micro-Bubble Technology

Oral B Oxyjet

Oral B Oxyjet

The Oral B Oxyjet is a total oral health care system.  Oral B professional products are the number one dental cleaners recommended by Dentists around the world.

The Oral B Oxyjet offers unique technology with the Oxyjet Irrigator which applies micro-bubbles by mixing air and water for a stream of additional hydro cleaning.  The irrigator can be used in one of two modes.  The first is a straight stream which is ideal for dislodging food particles caught between teeth.  The second setting offers a rotating stream to assist in general cleaning and for a stimulating gum massage.

Oral B Oxyjet Features

  • Dual cleaning 3D action with 40,000 in and out pulsations and 8,800 oscillations to loosen and clean plaque
  • Removes more than twice the amount of plaque and bacteria as manual toothbrushes
  • Variable range of speeds for gentle to intensive cleaning
  • OxyJet Irrigator applies micro-bubble technology and hydro cleaning in a direct or rotating stream
  • Limited warranty

Oral B Oxyjet Review

Pro: Using the Oxyjet is incredible.  I love the jets of water that soothe my gum’s.  I put a bit of salt into the water reservoir for an extra bit of bacterial cleaning.  It’s a very professional tool worth every penny I invested in it.  My teeth have never felt better!

Con: This seems like a copy of the Water Pick product.  I don’t see how adding water would change the way the brush cleans, since it’s the bristles that really do all the work.  Seems like a lot of bells and whistles for no reason and added expense in my personal opinion.