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Oral B Pulsar

Oral B Pulsar

Oral B Pulsar

The Oral B Pulsar is designed for an individual who does not want a rechargeable toothbrush but still wants some of the benefits of electronic pulsing or oscillating brushes and superior plaque removal.

The Oral B Pulsar is a battery operated hybrid that offers long bristles which embrace the tooth and provide a deep cleaning down to the gum line.  Long bristles also provide a pleasing massage action which contributes to blood circulation and health gum’s.  Bristle design of the Oral B Pulsar helps to evenly distribute pressure of the bristles over the gum and tooth to prevent damage from excessive abrasion.

Oral B Pulsar Features

  • Long bristles distribute the pressure of brushing evenly to prevent gum damage and excessive wear on tooth enamel
  • Compact and portable design has no base battery operation
  • Offers the benefit of electronic pulsing and oscillating for plaque removal

Oral B Pulsar Review

Pro: A compact and handy little toothbrush.  This is the one I take on vacation with me since it doesn’t cost too much to replace if I misplace it unlike my full sized Oral B cleaning system. Economical too.

Con: It has a neat design but it’s pretty much like all the other battery operated toothbrushes from what I can tell.  I’ve never tried one though.